Is foot reflexology suitable for women who are pregnant?

Yes, foot reflexology is suitable for pregnant women but it is advisable to start after the first trimester (0-12 weeks). We do have many female customers who are pregnant and they turn to foot reflexology because it has helped them ease the pain and discomfort faced during pregnancy. In other instances, there are experiments done citing the fact that foot reflexology has helped during child birth and has been recognized as an effective therapy. However, please let our Presenter and Pressure Artists know so that they are better able to cater to your needs.

Is foot reflexology supposed to be painful? Does it mean that I have certain health problems in areas where it hurts?

For those who are new to foot reflexology, a slight and bearable pain is considered normal in the massage process. For frequent foot reflexology goers, some form of pain probably still exist. However, it might be more painful for those who are new to foot reflexology. If the pain is unbearable, please inform our Pressure Artists and they should lighten the pressure.

Even though the pressure points of the foot reflects the body, pain does not mean you have any health problems. If you feel uncomfortable about it, please consult a doctor as our Pressure Artists may give wrong opinions. Afterall, they are not in any way medically trained.

Is foot reflexology suitable for children?

Yes, foot reflexology is also suitable for children, reaping the same benefits as adults do. Of course, our pressure artist will apply less pressure on those little feet of theirs. Those who start young have a head start to a live journey of wellness and well being. Recently, we do notice that there is an increasing number of parents who bring their children to our foot studios.

I have insomnia, can foot reflexology really help to get me to sleep and rest better?

There is no concrete evidence to show that foot reflexology can help those with insomnia. From our experience, one of the reasons for insomnia is the presence of stress. Foot reflexology can alleviate those stress and make your body feel “lighter” and in the process, we do hope that it can tackle your insomnia problem.

Does your establishment provide full body massage?

Yes we do! We provide full body acupressure. Please refer to our rate card for the prices. Please do not hesitate to email/call or chat with us to find out more!

Who are your masseurs? What style of foot reflexology do you provide?

Most of our masseurs, also known as Pressure Artists are locals. We provide traditional chinese-styled foot reflexology with a modern touch.

Are your Pressure Artists male or female? I do not want a female who has no strength to attend to me.

Most of our Pressure Artists are male, with a small number of females. There is a misconception that female pressure artists have not enough strength to do a good job. Why not try our female pressure artists? They will truly surprise you!

Do I have to tip your Pressure Artists? Is tipping a common practice in the massage and spa industry?

Tipping is generally considered a nice gesture and it is rather common in this industry. Tipping is really up to each individual. If you feel that you had a good session with your designated Pressure Artist, you might want to reward him or her. However, if you decide not to, they will not see you in a different light as they are professionals in this trade.

I enjoy foot reflexology very much. Are there any counter effects?

There is no medical research to show any counter effects of foot reflexology. However, 1-2 session of foot reflexology per week will truly help to relieve those stresses and enhance our rest at night.

I enjoy your foot reflexology very much. Do you offer any packages?

The packages are now available. Please refer to our Rate Card for more information.

I would like to purchase a voucher as a gift. Do you offer such vouchers and can they be used at all your Foot Studios?

Yes, we do offer vouchers and they can be used at any of our Foot Studios. For the locations of our foot studios and their information, please refer to Contact Us section.

How do I make an appointment at Feet Press?

You can contact us to reserve a slot. Our friendly Presenter will advice you on the time slot most suitable for you. In the event that you are late for your appointment, please inform us so that we can continue to reserve it for you. Otherwise, your reservation will be considered a no-show after 15 minutes.

What are the different payment methods you accept?

We accept Cash, Nets, Visa and Mastercard.