Feet Press (足療) – Rest your Feet here.

Yes, straight forward as our name.
The concept of this first branch came about based on a very fond memory from not too long ago, not too far away.

Remembering those times when someone you love gave you an intimate foot massage while he/she watched TV and while you read a book or did your work in bed? Priceless.
Maybe not all of you are as lucky as some. Or maybe you simply cannot bear to subject the main person in your life to such selfish indulgence. Now there is Feet Press, we aim to bring as close to that relaxation and luxury but professionally, to you.

So now everybody gets equal attention.

Foot Spa - Feetpress
Spa treatment - Feetpress

A Good Read

You will be able to find an array of titles on our racks. As you probably have seen from our photo album some of the BIG titles on biography of some BIG names to novels with many genres to puzzle books on sudoku to recipe books for different cuisines to lonely planet to…if i go on, some readers may mistakenly think we’re a book store.

Generally, we are just different from your regular foot reflex joint. Sure, go ahead and nap if you choose to, otherwise, pick a book to indulge on your personal growth while your feet are indulging on it’s due deserved.

Another point i’d like to highlight to those workaholics or surfaholics. Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi. Your lap top/handphone running out of power? Beside every seat there is a wall power point, so need i say more?
Of course you’ll have to provide you own adapter.

Due to us refusing to be stereotyped, do not expect to find those soothing spa music “for the senses” here. We are not prejudiced, as long as it’s good music, we listen and we promote and we share.

So no, about us, we are not something you can find from out there. Feet Press is the cutting edge of what you can get out of a traditional foot massage because you leave with more than a pair of relieved feet.